Ministries / Outreach

Serving Our Church and Community

There’s a ministry for everyone!

Our ministries consist of the following groups. We invite you to get involved wherever you feel led.  As you can see, there’s something for everyone! Click on each one to learn more.

Supports and protects the pastor as he does the work of the ministry.

Serves to secure, arrange, and dispose of floral arrangements for church service.

The purpose of the Bible Study is to teach and share the Bible with each member of the church.

Serves to recognize members on the anniversary of their birth.

Responsible for finding and locating a place for our future home.

Serves to formulate educational plans and programs for the entire church and to establish training programs through the organizations and ministries. The Christian Education Advisory Council consists of the Director of Christian Education and Ministry Development.

Teaches the biblical revelation, reaches all prospects of the church, and leads all church members to worship, witness, study and minister daily. It is literally the “Church at School”

Serves to encourage the growth of spiritually healthy couples through providing leadership, marriage and relationship enrichment, and outreach and educational services.

Are devoted to proclaiming the Gospel through ministries of mercy and servant leadership.

A mentoring program that is targeting the young men and women in the public school system. We have partnered with Hines Middle School and Palmer Elementary to help those students who are having challenges in school. 

Assists the Pastor, staff, congregants, and community; and proclaim the gospel to believers and non-believers.

Counts all monies collected, deposits in the bank the same day of collection, keeps records, and receives requests for funds by way of requisitions indicating the line item to be charged and sends to the treasurer for disbursement of funds.

Greets visitors and members at the doors of the Church to make Church friendlier and to encourage visitors to return and join.

Lifts the name of Jesus so that He may be glorified, binds the forces of the enemy, and seeks Jesus and His righteousness.

Provides spiritual enrichment during services through rhythmical motions and steps.

Responsible for making sure that every thing is set up and in place before the church arrives. 

The purpose of the Martha D. Cherry Missionary Ministry shall be to teach missions, support, engage in world-wide mission, through praying, giving, providing and interpreting information regarding the work of the universal church.

cultivates the Christian life of men through study, worship, fellowship and service and inspire men to support the total program of the Church through the local congregation, the community, the denomination and the world.

Provides a variety of vocal music for church service and programs.

Welcomes new members, provides helpful information, helps them feel at home and bonds them to the church through relationships.

Brings those who accept Jesus Christ into a spiritual commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.The purpose of the New Membership Class shall be to teach Christian discipleship. It will also provide to new converts and new members the policies, responsibilities and procedures of the church.

Cares for pre-school children and infants brought to the nursery during church services and programs.

Serves to provide funds to eligible needy fellow citizens within our community.

Serves to be a blessing to and show appreciation for the man who serves in the Pastoral office.


Responsible for every aspect of public relations that help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. This includes our newsletter, signage, radio, television, web-based communications, etc.

Provides medical care or assistance to any worshipper in need of such.

Responsible for providing security for the pastor, church leaders, and church during church activities.

Serves single adults by demonstrating Christian love and concern through regular contact and encouragement.

Responsible for coordinating programs to provide public assistance to families, access to health care, services to the elderly and assistance to less fortunate in general.

A mentoring program that is targeting the young men and women in the public school system. We have partnered with Hines Middle School and Palmer Elementary to help those students who are having challenges in school.

Sound Ministry shall amplify the audio sound of the minister or presenters so that gatherings or people can hear preaching and singing.

Responsible for picking up those who need a ride to church activities.

Serves as legal custodians of all Church property.

Assists young believers in their spiritual growth and development and helps bridge the gap between the more seasoned congregants and youth of the church.

The purpose of Vacation Bible School shall be to conduct a one or two week summer session for youth and adults centered on biblical curriculum, recreation, music, and arts and crafts.

Provides inspirational and entertaining activities for senior members.

Teaches the youth to understand the spiritual practices of church worship through involvement. The purpose of the Youth Fellowship shall be to promote good wholesome Christian fellowship, train youth to be leaders, and organize youth groups to carry on missions in the community.