The Holy Hookup

Equipping Leaders to Lead Others

This book will take a look at how God hooks up with the person who is open for His guidance. This book is derived from my Doctoral Ministry project with United Theological Seminary. It shows how leaders can lead others into a paradigm of change for the twenty-first century. It is practical and an easy read for all ages.

Each chapter is designed to show how hooking up with the Holy can lead to liberation and wholeness. It gives a brief history of my conversion story, call to ministry, and how my values were shaped in dealing with the Holy. It also deals with how God brings about liberation to His people; the central point is that God uses a process to liberate His people and elects people who feel insufficient. In addition, it shows how Jesus was a proponent of liberation throughout the Gospels as he dealt with people who were oppressed, marginalized, and considered outcasts. Also, the Holy is calling us to bring about human liberation in the lives of those who feel marginalized in the world in which we live.

It further deals with the project that was designed, implemented, and tested at an urban church in Virginia. It shows how to deal with conflict resolution that is brought on by change that happens in a local church. It helps the reader to understand the basic administrative skills in leading a ministry, their weaknesses and strengths in ministry, their attitude about change, their particular style of leadership, how to handle conflict management, and the difference between interpersonal conflict and situational conflict. It is the nuts and bolts of putting it into practice.